Dr.Pamela Gurley, D.M.

Empowering People to Transform in Life & in Business

Speaking Topics

Businesss and Entrepreneurial Leadership Topics

As a graduate school MBA professor, not only do I believe in education; I believe in the application of what is taught. Knowledge is not knowledge until it is something that can be shared to inspire and grow others. This is why I speak on various (and critical) entrepreneurial leadership topics.

Popular Topics:

  • Pivoting as an Entrepreneur
  • Developing  a Mindset for Success
  • Negotiating Your Business Worth
  • Is Your Business Grant Ready?
  • Inpatient Critical Care: Managing Mental Health as Much as Physical Health


Transformational Leadership Topics

Good leadership is essential for success in any organization, large or small. But what makes good leadership “great?” Transformational-based leadership is a style of management that has been shown to be successful in a wide range of industries.  It is also leadership that has been shown to create change in yourself and others by pushing past social constructs and social systems that often stand in the way of achieving superior results. As a thought-leader on leadership, positive change is the end goal of developing followers into leaders.

Popular Topics:

  • The Power of Positive Leadership
  • 3 Key Components of Transformational Leadership that Maximize Success
  • Effective Leadership: There is No One-Size-Fits-All
  • The Power of Inclusivity: 4 Strategies For Creating Change Through Inclusivity-Based Leadership

Empowerment, Transformational, & Mental Wellness

I speak to empower, motivate, and transform. I speak on the power of introspection. I inspire people to invest in themselves, invest in self-care, and challenge them to become their best authentic selves.  I am also a huge advocate for mental wellness (especially in the Black Community). It is the time to remove the stigmas around therapy and normalize taking care of your mental health just as much as your physical health. 

Popular Topics:

  • Friendships, “Foeships,” and Frenemies: False Ideals that Cripple Relationships
  • Getting Uncomfortable: Navigating What We Don’t Trust About Ourselves
  • Re-Finding Yourself: From Trauma to Unapologetically Living

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