Book Tour


Get the kid’s RED CARPET ready because the 2022 Spring, Summer, and Fall reading has just got better; and this VIP event is all about the kids and all about the experience! And trust me, it is a book signing experience like none other!

World-renowned and Best-Selling Author, Dr. Pamela Gurley is celebrating the 2022 quarterly releases of her multilingual Brown Girl and Brown Boy children’s series,  AND GUESS WHAT? She is celebrating with many other Black and Brown children’s book authors as a means to give an opportunity for parents to fill their child or children’s bookshelf with books that look like them. But that is not it!

From kid-friendly red-carpet interviews, face painting, Virtual Reality and STEM activities, to readings of books by all of the authors, this event will set the tone for holistically supporting childhood literacy. 

During these jammed-packed, fun-filled book tours, children can also meet and have their books signed by the authors themselves.

Literacy is important and what better way to support childhood literacy than having Black and Brown children see themselves in the books they read from the dynamic authors who wrote them. As Dr. Gurley says, “Representation is not just about color. It is also about culturally setting a standard of excellence for our children.”

Let's Make Reading Fun For the Kids

2021 Kid's Red Carpet Book Tour