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The Brown Girl and Brown Boy multilingual book series is a much-needed addition to the children’s literature landscape. These books provide social-emotional and psycho-social support, representing diversity and equity for these children. The books cover topics such as learning how to be social, being confident, knowing their worth, being body-positive, and seeing themselves in professional roles not often represented for children of color. These are all important messages for minority children. 

Representation is a significant factor for many children of color, and it is important for them to see themselves in books that aid in their mental, emotional, and physical development.

“Representation is not just about color. It is also about culturally setting a standard of excellence for our children.” – Dr. P. Gurley 

Be Mindful

                  Brown Girl, and Brown Boy, Be Mindful (June 2022)

Brown Girl and Brown Boy are two adorable children learning the value of good manners. Manners play an essential role in fostering a positive and respectful social environment. From simple things like saying “please” and “thank you” to more complex concepts like listening attentively and showing compassion, good manners remind us that it is important to treat others with thoughtfulness and kindness. This book is perfect for parents who want to teach their children the basics of etiquette. After all, good manners last a lifetime!

Be Well

                 Brown Girl, and Brown Boy, Be Well (March 2022)

Brown Girl and Brown Boy are on a mission to be healthy to grow up and be big and strong. These curious kids discover positive health choices, from eating nutritious food to going to the doctor for check-ups. With charming illustrations and engaging text, this book is perfect for teaching kids about the importance of taking care of their bodies.  They show just how easy it is to make healthy choices – and how much fun being well can be!

Brown Girl, Be Social (June 2021) 

Brown Girl, a 3-year old who is exploring who she is and the world around her, learns to embrace her differences and ways to be social through self-acceptance, self-love and self-confidence. 

Brown Boy, Be Social (2021) 

Brown Boy, a 3-year old who is exploring who he is and the world around him, learns to embrace his differences and ways to be social through self-acceptance, self-love, and self-confidence.

Brown Girl, Break Barriers (Sept 2021)

Brown Girl, a 3-year old who is dreaming of everything she can become, learns her career options are endless and she can break barriers through self-determination and self-confidence.

Brown Boy, Break Barriers (Sept 2021)

Brown  Boy a 3-year old who is dreaming of everything he can become, learns his career options are endless and he can break barriers through self-determination and self-confidence.

The PR Prep Guide

The PR Prep Guide: 7 Critical Need-To-Know Basics Before Hiring a Publicist (2021)

If you are planning on hiring a publicist, let this read be your first step! The PR Prep Guide is for those who are interested in having a publicist or has one; yet have several questions. The guide details some key factors surrounding the leading industry used by influencers, celebrities, business owners, and other media personalities. It provides honest details about what to expect when you retain a publicist and includes seven need-to-know basics.

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                Bl@ck Girl Activist: A Shift In Social Change (2021)

In a collaborative voice, ten women share the stories to shift the mindset of society, their beliefs, relationships, and behaviors as it pertains to colorism, classism, and socialism towards Black women and in the Black community. Their stories are impactful as it undresses and challenges the social institutions and other social stigmas that have plagued the narrative of Black women for decades. Their shared journeys will offer you the opportunity to aspire to become game-changers in shifting the narratives of Black women. This is more than a book; this is a movement.

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I Am Not A Stereotype: I Am H.E.R. (2019) 

The imperfect book written with the perfect message. It’s purposely “flawed” (meaning it was deliberately edited to have mistakes). She wanted the world to understand imperfections are apart life and if you see yourself and people beyond the flaws there is beauty and so is the story.  

 Socialized to have a need for belongingness; and it came at the expense of ridicule, criticism, & losing who Dr. Pam was. How mentally toxic and taxing it was to live a life living up to other people’s standards of whom she needed to be. She had to STOP IT! She had to change the narrative & stop believing in the stereotyping of whom she was taught to believe she should be! She had to heal, get real, forgive, and learn to sit on her pedestal to holistically see the world differently. Now, she does not allow judgment to change who she isDr. Pam no longer allows anyone to determine what she loves, how she loves or reduce who she is because of their own insecurities or mental demons. She is letting the world know she is not a stereotype…I am H.E.R!  

 Now it’s your turn! It’s time to live your unapologetic truth. Be encouraged and inspired to look at your life, be comfortable in your skin, sit on your pedestal, and start having discussions to change the narrative of imperfection in this world filled with criticism, social inequality, and social judgment. 

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Bl@ck Girl Advocate: Changing the Narrative for Black Women (2021) 

Being a Black girl activist is being an advocate for change when it comes to women of color and how we need our community to shift the way we think of ourselves to change the narrative about us. Society has a way of making black and brown women and girls feel unworthy based on hair texture, skin color, physical features, and at times even devalue the work we accomplished.  

What is fed into our community is what resonates outside of it so we [black women] need to shift the narrative in an effort to promote social, political, mental, emotional, physical, and economic change. 

We cannot continue to conform to false narratives! This book is about owning the power Black women have and giving it to the world! 

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