Inspiring People to Live Un@pologetically in
Life & Business

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What I Do

I speak to empower, motivate, and transform. I speak on the power of introspection. I inspire people to invest in themselves, invest in self-care, and challenge them to become their best authentic selves. This transformation gives people a renewed sense of purpose and autonomy to an unapologetic life. I believe in making thought-provoking shifts to change false and in realistic narratives. 

In order to make a difference, you have to be a part of the conversations and not on the sidelines.

Be the difference you want to see.

I Empower.

I believe in the importance of empowerment of black through the use of words, encouragement, and empowerment. 

I Motivate.

I believe to motivate you have to share knowledge, be transparent, and encourage those who want to grow and may not know how to.  

I Advocate.

I believe in challenging social institutions, social behaviors, or other stigmas that have impacted or impact the narrative of women. 

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